WiP Sp. z o.o. MONAT
80-298 Gdańsk

ul. Przyrodników 19
tel. +48 58 721 30 32



Wielobranżowa i Projektowa Sp. z o.o. MONAT has more than 25 years of experience in designing, delivering and installing railway systems, in particular railway automatic control systems. It specializes in “turnkey” projects.


The range of services offered includes but is not limited to:


  • system of crossing equipment UP-1
  • system of power supply equipment SUZ-2M
  • turnout heating system EOR-1M
  • CCTV system TVP-1M
  • control cabinets SZOR
  • road barrier bars
  • traffic lights
  • verification of relays
  • refurbishment of railway structures
  • service maintenance and support of customers in maintaining the required technical characteristics of equipment.



Having its own base of workshops and offices and a complete park of machinery in the south and north of Poland, MONAT is able to carry out the commissioned tasks efficiently, timely and completely. Stable, experienced and professional staff can quickly identify the needs and expectations of customers and their performance is reliable. The company holds necessary certification as required for its activities. Its operations are based on the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, which guarantees high standard of services, confirmed both by Polish and foreign customers.


The passion and search for improved and safer solutions in the market of railway automatic control equipment makes research and development an important part of the activities of MONAT.


Liaising with academic centres and research and development institutions we can offer the latest engineering solutions to our customers.


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