KRYZBYT Sp. z o.o.

43-155 Bieruń
ul. Warszawska 319

tel. +48 32 329 61 86
 tel./fax +48 32 671 30 38 

tel. kom. 508 292 594, 601 885 393




Zakład Mechaniki Precyzyjnej KRYZBYT Sp. z o.o. in Bieruń for 14 years has been dealing with overhauls of small railway machines: power wrenches Skalmierzyce, Robel, Geismar, impact wrenches Master, rail and sleeper drills, grinders and cutters. In addition, we perform overhauls and repairs of diesel engines, transmission wrenches, control systems, clamping system and remove faults. 
We are a producer of various bogies for both power wrenches and manual bogies, track bogies, platform bogies and bogies for transporting rails and sleepers. 


We offer spare parts for railway power wrenches. We produce them on our own using state-of-the-art materials and technologies to obtain a product with the best technical and operating parameters. 

We manufacture 30 different types of high quality forged spanners (sockets) for both screws and bolts. 


We are a producer of the best class, specialist hand tools and devices for railway applications: ratchet track jacks, rail tilting devices, bolt ejecting devices, screw and bolt spanners, rail carrying rollers and rail pulling devices, rail roller shoes, sleeper lifting traverses and many other. 


We also provide training for the present railway industry workers and for candidates. It covers theory and practice and provides information about the rules of operation of railway machines and equipment and specialist hand tools. 


Kryzbyt Sp. z o.o. owns a modern park of machining and welding equipment (for steel and aluminium). We can provide third party productive maintenance

services for any type of production and for any type of machines and equipment. 


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