ul. Wrocławska 7

26-600 Radom

tel./fax +48 48 365 19 38




The company Zakłady Automatyki KOMBUD has operated since 1991.

Its core areas of business include:

• production of railway traffic control systems

• production for the purposes of construction and assembly works

• research and development

• design office

• technical service.



Cooperation with scientific centres of technical universities and research and development institutes results in new technical solutions. At the same time, KOMBUD organises apprenticeships and vocational training for graduates, students and pupils of technical schools, introducing them to new trends in RTC (rail traffic control).


Consistent implementation of strategic assumptions, combined with effective investment and human resources policy have contributed to the dynamic development of the company, which is testified by its increasingly growing share in the market of railway automatic control systems. More than 25 years of experience and specialised engineering personnel make the company a reliable partner, continuously enhancing its market position.


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