Kol-drog Stanisław Zimnoch

04-334 Warszawa, ul. Kiprów 32/27

tel. +48 793 351 113, +48 602 252 989

+48 22 610 10 67

e-mail: kol-drog@wp.pl
Kol-drog Grzegorz Jarmołowicz

18-400 Łomża, ul. Senatorska 22

tel. +48 784 664 915

e-mail: grzegorz.jarmolowicz@koldrog.pl



KOL-DROG has manufactured one-level rubber sheets since 1991. A few years of observation of layered structures in different operating conditions showed that such structures have numerous advantages and, thanks to our manufacturing experience, we can currently offer a product that: 

• enables easy and fast building and repairs of the structures

• enables fast repairs of the track under the structure (easy dismantling)

• considerably improves the comfort of travelling on rubber surface

• thanks to rubber mixes is characterised by high durability, low abrasiveness, and good resistance to low temperatures

• fully covers the track within the railway crossing area thanks to accurate fitting of the sheets to rails, maintaining an adequate groove for rail vehicle wheel rims

• prevents penetration of surface contaminants into the track

• enables self-cleaning of the surface in winter (snow and ice removal)

• provides for a good distribution  of concentrated pressure of heavy vehicles

• dampens noise — which is significant in a built-up area — and is not expensive to maintain.

To improve our solutions we have recently added corundum to the top layer of the sheets (higher friction coefficient) and groove inserts modernising rail grooves, thus forming the so-called grooveless surface.



KOL-DROG provides a working design, instructions for assemblers and project architect’s supervision of the works. The supplied materials come with 3-year warranty.


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