ul. Długa 7, 95-100 Zgierz

tel./fax +48 42 715 69 85




GEOPLAN has existed and operated in the land surveying market since 1998. Nowadays we are one of the leading land survey companies in Poland. Our activities are characterised by the effective performance of a variety of tasks. Our main customers are major construction engineering contractors, businesses and institutions. Services provided to the aforementioned customers account for 99% of the total income of the company.



Our primary objective is exceeding customer expectations and gaining their full trust.


Our professional attitude, compliance with quality standards, perseverance and diligence, and most importantly the liking for industries we represent, make us a reliable and solid business partner.


All our employees are strongly motivated, dedicated and determined to improve their work, which contributes to the development of the company and builds its positive identity.


We want to be perceived as those who always meet customer expectations halfway. We wish to be appreciated and well-remembered all the time.


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