Bułhak i Cieślawski SA

12-100 Szczytno

Korpele 75 - Strefa

tel. +48 22 787 80 04

fax: +48 22 787 94 79




FRENOPLAST Bułhak i Cieślawski SA is a joint stock company established in 1985 by two founding members – Bohdan Bułhak and Jerzy Cieślawski.


Our brake pads for rail vehicles equipped with disk brakes and composite K-type brake shoes for freight wagons have the required UIC certificates. We are the third company in Europe to have gained UIC approval for the K-type brake shoe. We also offer non-approved brake pads and shoes used when UIC approval is not required. Our LL-type brake shoe replacing a cast iron shoe is particularly interesting. It contributes to a significant reduction in the degree of wear of the wheels compared to brake shoes offered by other producers (including approved shoes). We also offer centre pivot liners and side bearer liners for use in freight wagons. In addition, we are active in the field of city public transport. We developed and implemented friction materials and brake pads for tramways. Upon their approval we offer and supply them to many city public transport companies, including companies in Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, Poznań, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz and many others.



It should be emphasized that we use self-designed technologies with no third-party contribution involved.


Our company attaches great importance to the quality of our products. We implemented a quality management system according to ISO9001, and then IRIS02.


Our customers' trust towards our company and our products contributes to increasing product sales. We sell both in the domestic and international markets. Our main domestic customers are carriers forming the Polish National Railways group, local railways, rolling stock manufacturers and repair workshops. Our export position is particularly strong in the markets of North Africa.


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