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 The history of EL-MAG, a company founded in 1957 by Eugeniusz Huebner, is a vision of development. It is a vision of the future underlain by the post-war need for electrification in small villages and rural areas. It was Huebner who, in Poland devastated by warfare, commuting to work by bicycle, helped to overcome difficulties and barriers to this important task having at his disposal only the knowledge and tools available in the 1950s. In the meantime, he focused his creative attention on projects such as induction furnaces, telecommunications and alarm communications.



Thanks to the great commitment of his son Zbyszek, the company extended the range of its services and increased its technical and machinery resources. Those measures opened a way to receptive markets: the 1970s and business partnerships established in automotive and tractor industry were very promising. 


But the vision of the future was not in a stand-by mode – the founder of the company recalls. As a visionary, anticipating the approaching possibilities offered by free market, he – together with his son Zbyszek – focused on looking for niches and utilised their experience and knowledge to establish relations with developing industries, including modern rolling stock industry. 


We know that machines do not determine technological possibilities – success is defined by people. Teams of the best specialists and engineers were employed and made us realise that no barriers to performance existed. Therefore, we decided that we wanted and were able to achieve practically anything that was possible in our industry – says the Technical Director of the company.




It was time to develop the logistics, expand transport and communication options, grow and expand to new markets. 


There is a good cause to call EL-MAG a multi-generation business: it is run by the father (Eugeniusz), the son (Zbyszek) and the granddaughter (Sylwia). This combination of experience, knowledge of technology and organisation of labour has contributed to continuing development of the company and enabled EL-MAG to keep up with the highest standards of technology. We offer perfectly prepared documentation and smooth cooperation with contractors or customers who always receive exactly what they expect.


 At the same time, we provide full support and technical assistance. This is why we provide equipment to the best, creating the future of transport – says the youngest Huebner with a smile on her face. We set the trends to the satisfaction of buyers and users. Our products are ergonomic, safe, innovative and aesthetic. We are not afraid of their durability since they are developed using the best solutions.




We create the future of transport

Shear and machine cutting of metal sheets, water jet cutting of metal sheets; CNC bending of metal sheets, bending of stainless steel and carbon steel pipes and tubes, bending of round steel bars, 5-axle CNC rolling; CNC milling, welding of carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel; Flat and ornamental grinding, bonding of structure shells, electric bundles.


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