Certyfikacja Infrastruktury Transportu

Sp. z o.o.

50-062 Wrocław, pl. Solny 16

tel. +48 71 718 40 10

e-mail: cit@ceintr.pl




Certyfikacja Infrastruktury Transportu Sp. z o.o. (Transport Infrastructure Certification Ltd.) performs services concerning the railway infrastructure, and in particular services related to EC verification of the infrastructure and energy subsystem under the European Union's directive 2008/57/EC on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community.


We are a notified body number NB 2365. As a product certification body we hold accreditation certificate No. AC 164 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. We are also a body authorised by the President of the Railway Transport Office. Certyfikacja Infrastruktury Transportu Sp. z o.o. is a member of the Polish Quality Club.


Our characteristics:

• competences certified by independent bodies;

• experience in certification of structural subsystems;

• regular cooperation with customers during the process of certification.



Our offer includes:
Providing EC verification (certification) of Infrastructure and Energy subsystems, including verification according to TSI Infrastructure, TSI PRM, TSI Energy, TSI Tunnels (SRT) standards. 


Preparing analyses and studies concerning interoperability:
•    comparing Polish construction regulations with the requirements of TSI,
•    analysing requirements concerning commissioning approvals for structural subsystems.

Open training in interoperability.

Sidetrack operation services:
•    preparing documentation necessary to obtain a sidetrack user safety certificate,
•    supervising the technical condition of the sidetrack,
•    owner’s representation for projects related to construction, modernisation and repairs of sidetracks.

Services concerning the use of CSM RA. i.e. services related to risk analysis and common safety method for risk assessment and evaluation (CSM RA) according to EC regulations no. 352/2009 and 402/2013.


Safetly getting you on European track

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