CARGO Master Sp. z o.o.

pl. F. Skarbka 4

 87-100 Toruń

tel./fax +48 56 699 33 55



CargoMaster Sp. z o.o. was established in 2011 in response to immense needs of private rail operators in Poland. Our aim is to deliver ready-made solutions and provide comprehensive services supporting the development of a private sector related to railway transport.


CargoMaster Sp. z o.o. is a licensed operator of railway passenger and cargo transport and traction services and it holds safety certificates A and B. We are an entity authorised to provide training and organise examinations for the licence and certificate of a train driver, registered in the list maintained by the President of the Office of Rail Transportation (UTK).



Our customers are provided the following services:


 personnel and commercial services for rail operators, including: manning of train crews to optimise personnel costs, sidetrack services, preparation of documents required in order to obtain safety certificates approved by the Office of Rail Transportation, preparing sidetrack rules, and advice on railway operation on PKP lines and sidetracks;


• dispatching services: coordination and control of licensed transport, planning of operators' train traffic, management of traction vehicles, keeping records of operation of engines and wagons and records of the working time of train crews.


• comprehensive training services: qualification courses for positions directly linked with railway traffic safety and control, periodic instruction, examinations and other specialist training related to railway industry. We have Examination Boards appointed by the Office of Rail Transportation.


• specialist and soft industry-specific training in the area of managerial and business competence and internal training as required by our customers.




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