Biuro Projektów Kolejowych

i Usług Inwestycyjnych Sp. z o.o.

ul. Tuwima 28, 90-002 Łódź 

tel. + 48 42 632 14 00

fax +48 42 632 16 84




The Railway Design and Investment Services Office in Łódź was established in 1952. In 1961 it was incorporated into the structures of the Polish State Railways (PKP) as a unit of organisation of the Central Regional Board of State Railways in Warsaw. After ownership transformation, from March 1993 the Office has been an employee-owned company. We have gained recognition as experts in designing railway and general civil structures. We employ engineers with many years' experience. We provide high quality designs in due time.



Our services include:

• general civil engineeering and specialist railway designs;

• preparation of materials for domestic and international tenders;

• project architect's supervision and owner's representation;

• obtainment of zoning approvals and building permits on behalf of the owner;

• reproduction and printing services.


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