Przewozy Regionalne

ul. Wileńska 14a, 03-414 Warszawa

tel. 783 828 700

fax +48 22 474 40 39





Przewozy Regionalne – the largest passenger rail carrier in Poland!


Every day we offer about 1600 connections:

  •  REGIO – to facilitate commuting to work or school and holiday travelling to many attractive tourist sites in the mountains, forestland, at the seaside and by lakes,
  • interREGIO – ideal for passengers travelling at longer distances who in their choice of the means of transport are guided by low prices and competitive travelling times,
  • interREGIObus – synchronised bus and train connections reaching many destinations unreachable by rail alone. 
  • We prepared attractive offers for our passengers, including: 
  • REGIOkarta – a personalised offer for regular customers who can present a card when buying a ticket to enjoy up to 30% discounts;
  • REGIOkarnet – individual ticket which can be used to travel by train many times on any three days during subsequent two months; 
  • Tourist ticket – an option of inexpensive travelling on multiple trains during the weekend; 
  • TY i raz, dwa, trzy – an offer for everyone who wants to travel at a lower cost on a train of the same class and type and on the same route, accompanied by one, two or three other people.


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