Koleje Wielkopolskie Sp. z o.o.

ul. Składowa 5

61-897 Poznań 

tel. +48 61 279 27 00

e-mail: biuro@koleje-wielkopolskie.com.pl





Every day we carry many inhabitants of the region of Greater Poland to work and school, so doing our best to fulfil the tasks commissioned to us by the Transport Organiser we have been improving the quality of collective transport. We know it is important to adapt our operations to specific characteristics of the region and related needs of passengers. In consequence, the inhabitants of the region of Greater Poland can enjoy convenient connections from Poznań to Wągrowiec and Gołańcz, to Konin and Kutno, to Zbąszynek, and to Wolsztyn. We also carry passengers on the sections Leszno – Ostrów Wlkp. and Leszno – Zbąszynek, and from December 2013 our trains have been travelling to Gniezno!




We have our own ticket selling network thanks to which we can offer advanced selling methods such as: stationary and mobile ticket machines and selling tickets via mobile phone applications. Our transport tariff is the most fully adapted to match various needs of our passengers. We sell single and periodic tickets: weekly, monthly and quarterly. In addition, attractive special offers are available.





We follow the timetable developed to the order of the Local Government of Wielkopolskie Voivodeship using rail buses, modern electric multiple units EN 76 (“ELF”) and successively modernised traction units EN 57. In addition, we are the only Operator providing regular steam traction transport. The professional workshop in Zbąszynek takes care to ensure that our vehicles are in a good operating condition and are safe to travel. We take care to ensure that all service maintenance is carried out in a professional and reliable manner in specially adapted workshops. Setting the expectations of our passengers as a priority our skilled and experienced personnel take care to make their travelling experience a pleasure.


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