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The blistering speed of life makes us look for the fastest ways to travel from one place to another. Meanwhile, when travelling by train you become the master of your own time – you can work, study, or rest. PKP Intercity is the largest Polish rail operator specialising in domestic and international long-distance carriages.


We ensure fast and comfortable journey, taking care to develop a network of connections and pricing offer adapted to the needs of various groups of customers. Express InterCity trains and Twoje Linie Kolejowe economy trains operate on domestic routes. Passengers can travel on international routes by EuroNight, EuroCity and international fast trains. We buy and modernise the rolling stock, investing in our future.



We actively seek for and make use of European grants. Our priority is quality to ensure that our passengers travel safely and comfortably. In 2014 PKP Intercity will put super-fast EIC Premium trains into operation. This will shorten travelling time to Warsaw, Tri-City, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław and many other cities. The value of current investments in rolling stock totals 5.5 billion zlotys.


The online booking service offers tickets for all railway connections in Poland but also for international trains in domestic communication and selected connections with foreign countries. We have special price offers to those who want to pay less for their tickets. The earlier you buy the larger discount you get.


We have been your travelling partner for 13 years now!


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