ul. Limanowskiego 121

91-334 Łódź 

tel. +48 42 613 74 00, + 48 42 653 95 50

fax +48 42 613 74 11

e-mail: info@spedcont.pl




SPEDCONT is a leading Polish railway operator specialising in intermodal cargo transport.


Since 1994 we have operated a system of railway container units for transports between Polish and Western sea harbours and container terminals in Poland, including freight by road directly to and from the customer’s warehouse.


The countrywide network of well-equipped, own intermodal transport terminals in Łódź, Warsaw and Sosnowiec together with a container agency in Gdynia and the border crossing station in Małaszewicze forms a reliable system for our containerised cargo service.


SPEDCONT is an independent operator open to cooperation.




Our offer includes:

• domestic and international railway freight of containerised cargo;

• FTL deliveries of containers from harbours to terminals or to the customer's sidetrack;

• full transhipment service in our terminals in Łódź, Warsaw and Sosnowiec;

• truck transport of containers from SPEDCONT’S terminals;

• transports on the Trans-Siberian main line;

• lease of containers;

• safe sidetrack transport in harbours;

• professional and timely services.


We provide freight of containerised cargo via international railway service in Europe and Asia:

• to the East: we specialise in transports to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus; our special offer is transport to: Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, and Afghanistan;

• to the North: we operate transports to and from Scandinavian countries and Baltic states;

• to the South: we operate transports to Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia or Hungary etc.;

• to the West: we organise transports to selected stations in Western Europe, and in particular to and from the harbours in Hamburg, Rotterdam, and Antwerp.


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