LOTOS Kolej Sp. z o.o.

ul. Michałki 25, 80-716 Gdańsk 

tel. +48 58 308 76 55 

fax +48 58 308 76 78

e-mail: lotoskolej@lotoskolej.pl




LOTOS Kolej is the most innovative cargo carrier on the Polish rail tracks. High service quality, openness, flexibility and attractive offers for transport make LOTOS Kolej a highly regarded partner of many companies.


The share of LOTOS Kolej in the Polish rail cargo transport market is around 8% (and above 14% in intermodal rail transport), which puts the Company at the vice-leader's position on the market.



LOTOS Kolej services more than 259 rail car routes in 16 provinces in Poland. Traffic is supervised from five dispatch offices located in Gdańs, Wrocław, Zduńska Wola, Czechowice--Dziedzice and Jasło. The Company manages traffic through the tailor-made Rail Logistics System making it possible to establish the current position of rail cars and enabling the electronic circulation of documents from any place in Poland (including railway engines).


LOTOS Kolej offers:

• comprehensive services relating to rail transport of part-load

and car load consignments as well as full train loads,

• servicing of rail sidings,

• rental of rolling stock,

• cleaning of rail tankers,

• maintenance of railway infrastructure.


LOTOS Kolej has at its disposal one of the most modern railway engine fleets in Poland comprising the following: 6Dg, TRAXX F140 DC, TRAXX F140 DE, TRAXX F140 MS, ŠKODA 182 (type E59), ŠKODA 181 (type E31), 111 Ed Gama Marathon, and SM 42.


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