Koleje Czeskie Sp. z o.o.

00-131 Warszawa

ul. Grzybowska 4 lok.3

tel.+48 22 380 33 90

fax +48 22 380 33 91

e-mail: sekretariat@kolejeczeskie.pl



Prezes Zarządu - Tomasz Momot


The company Koleje Czeskie started its operation on 1 January 2007 after the transformation of the general agency ČD into a daughter company ČD owned by a Czech company ČD Cargo as the sole shareholder. 


Koleje Czeskie carries out orders related both to forwarding, comprehensive railway transport services, rolling stock hire (locomotives and freight wagons) and to transportation of bulk, oversized cargo and cargo classified as dangerous according to RID. Thanks to our long-term experience we can provide our services throughout Europe. We are willing to advise our customers on transport and forwarding. 



Our customers are offered comprehensive solutions integrating railway transport with a logistics network. Working closely with its parent company ČD Cargo, the company Koleje Czeskie is able to provide superior quality services. 


Koleje Czeskie holds its own transport service licence. The company develops very dynamically and its planned transport volume for 2016 is about 2 million tonnes.


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