Euroterminal Sławków Sp. z o.o.

 ul. Groniec 1

41-260 Sławków

tel. +48 32 714 24 00

fax +48 32 262 59 12




Euroterminal Sławków” Sp. z o.o., located in the village of Sławków in Silesian Voivodeship, is an International Logistics Centre situated at the point where standard and broad-gauge railway routes connecting Western Europe and the East meet. The location at the meeting point of railway lines with two different gauges (1435 mm and 1520 mm) enables transportation and transshipment of cargo in various directions between countries in Asia and in the European Union.



We provide transshipment services for:

• containers;

• tanktainers;

• semi-trailers;

• swap bodies.



Other services:

• securing and dispatching of palletised and bulk commodities, steel products, non-standard and excessive size goods;

• full customs clearance service;

• crushing, sorting of bulk commodities;

• weighing of wagons and trucks;

• domestic and international forwarding by rail and truck;

• ship operator's depot;

• repairs of containers;

• railway services.


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