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The Logistic Terminal Braniewo (LTB) is the largest and the most modern transhipment terminal Polish-Russian border. It covers an area of 32 ha near the Braniewo-Mamonowo border crossing.


LTB offers comprehensive services including:

• handling, packaging, processing (bagging, crushing, sorting) and storage of cargo;

• customs clearance;

• railway forwarding.


LTB is recognised by the Customs Office as a customs clearance site and holds the AEO certificate authorising it to use simplified customs procedures.

The technical infrastructure of LTB consists of: its own sidetrack with 7.3 km tracks (3.7 km broad-gauge); depots of 12 ha; halls of 1.5 ha; LPG and neutral liquids handling systems; lines for handling and packaging of bulk cargo; and crushing and sorting unit.


The resources allow the terminal to: unload up to 10 000 tonnes of coal per day; load up to 7 000 tonnes of coal per day; store up to 400 000 tonnes of coal; crush up to 1500 tonnes, sort up to 5000 tonnes; bag up to 300 tonnes of coal per day; handle and package up to 2500 tonnes of bulk cargo; store up to 30 000 tonnes of fertilizers and other bulk cargo; and handle up to 500 tonnes of liquefied gas per day.


The Logistic Terminal Skandawa (LTS) is the only transhipment terminal at the Skandawa-Zheleznodorozhny border crossing. The facility is located at the beginning of the shortest transit route between the Russian Federation, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic.


LTS offers handling of:

• LPG (up to 500 tonnes per day);

• coal (up to 3000 tonnes per day, storing up to 3000 tonnes);

• liquid neutral cargo;

• palletized cargo.


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