CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o.

Al. Roździeńskiego 190B
PL 40-203 Katowice

e-mail: info@ctl.pl



CTL Logistics Group is an international concern offering comprehensive logistics services such as freight rail and road transport, forwarding, sidetrack services, rolling stock maintenance, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, transshipment, customs assistance and procurement of raw materials. CTL Logistics Group operates in the territory of Europe – both Eastern and Western. Implementing development measures, CTL Logistics acquires new competences, organisation and potential to fulfil the mission of a versatile logistics operator. The core of CTL’s logistics is rail transport but it is integrated with other necessary elements making it possible to carry out the logistics process for the customer “from A to Z". Development has changed our image of a rail carrier into that of a full-service logistics operator in Europe.


The offer of CTL Logistics Group:

  • Railway and road transport
  • Intermodal transport
  • Forwarding and customs assistance
  • Sidetrack services
  • Transshipment in sea ports
  • Transshipment at inland terminals
  • Transshipment at the eastern border of Poland
  • Construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure
  • Lease of railway rolling stock
  • Repairs and maintenance of locomotives and wagons
  • Bulk cargo logistics
  • Management of industrial waste
  • Redevelopment of land


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