Captrain Polska Sp. z o.o.
50-075 Wrocław

ul. Krupnicza 13/103
tel. +48 71 780 78 99

fax +48 71 780 80 16



Captrain Polska – Your goods are in good hands!



Captrain Polska Sp. z o.o. is a rail carrier providing domestic and international transport services. As a good team equipped with modern rolling stock and a flexible approach we can provide services tailored to the needs of specific customers. The company’s operations focus on full-train transport of cargo such as: steel, fuels, coal, aggregate materials, building materials and on the transport of containers. Present in the railway market for 10 years we have been continuously improving the quality of our services and taking care to ensure the highest quality and comprehensive services to our customers. Captrain Polska forms part of Captrain capital group owned by one of the largest rail carriers in Europe – SNCF Logistics.



Our strong points – Your benefits:


  • EFFICIENCY – thanks to a group of electric and diesel locomotives normally available on the border with Germany and the Czech Republic and in Central Poland, we can offer competitive prices also for spots in this area.
  • INNOVATIVENESS – thanks to new electric locomotives we are able to present a competitive offer for innovative projects requiring high quality standards.
  • EAST – thanks to the contract with Belarusian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian Railways we provide cross-boundary railway transport on tracks with 1520 mm gauge.
  • WEST – being a member and using the support of a European capital group we can calculate any route in Europe in a short time and give a collective unit price regardless of the number of state borders crossed.
  • LOCAL OPERATIONS – thanks to a relatively small scale of our operations and a good team we can guarantee individual and flexible customer approach.
  • INTERNATIONAL STANDARD – thanks to international experience of Captrain’s workers, customers are guaranteed superior quality services provided according to the best European standards.


We have gained the trust of many customers, which is illustrated by the increasing share of Captrain Polska in the railway market in Poland.




We look forward to working together with you!


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