Bilax Sp. z o.o.

ul. Ryska 1, 15-008 Białystok 

tel. +48 85 748 31 73

fax +48 85 748 31 80




Over more than 10 years in the motor and railway transport market, BILAX Sp. z o. o. has been transformed from a small shipping company into an industry leader with a solid market standing and a group of regular customers. Thanks to our experienced, high-skilled staff, our own means of transport and a logistics centre, we are able to provide comprehensive transport and shipping services in Europe, Asia and CIS.

Our goals:

Satisfaction and trust of customers and business partners, continuing growth to further improve the operation of the company
Improving the working conditions for our employees to ensure their development, self-realisation and effective fulfilment of their duties
Developing and promoting the region in which we operate
Using only vehicles meeting the latest Euro standards to reduce emissions of hazardous substances into the atmosphere.




Our mission:

In the first place, ensure that the modern solutions we propose in the field of logistics contribute to the development of all our customers and business partners. Offer clear and flexible terms of cooperation, integrity and mutual trust.

Our services:

motor and railway transport
marine and air transport
multimodal transport
own logistics base
comprehensive customs services
preparation of stowage and restraining schemes



Our advantages:

wide range of services
good rates and clear settlement methods
completion of customized orders
long-term experience
reliable and stable business
timely deliveries
flexible working schedule
skilled and dedicated employees


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