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The first locomotive with remote radio control made by Akerstroms/Sweden was the 401Da locomotive used at the Częstochowa Steelworks. It was put into operation in 1995 providing single-operator transport services at the Steelworks. Since that time about 100 locomotives in Poland have been equipped with radio controls. The main reason was the necessity to cut down on costs and change to single-operator service. This also contributed to an increase in shunting security as the train driver is always in the front of the train set. Also, one of the reasons for accidents was eliminated, namely errors in communication between the train driver and the shunter.




Apart from conventional shunting, radio control has improved operations such as: moving the rail cars onto the turntable, and bringing cement tankers or sand cars to the loading area. The driver, equipped with a radio transmitter, stands in a position from which he can correctly see the whole operation. Radio control is also applied in maintenance trains where during assembly works the train set is rearranged from the top deck. Nowadays we offer solutions for all types of shunting locomotives operating in Poland, starting from 401Da, through SM42, 6Dg, S200, TEM2, to the latest modernised model 15/16D.


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