"PZPG Piastów Dystrybucja" Sp. z o.o.

05-820 Piastów

ul. Warszawska 49/51

tel. +48 22 723 60 04

fax +48 22 723 64 66

e-mail: marketing@pzpgstomil.pl





“PZPG Piastów Dystrybucja” Sp. z o.o. has continued the production activities of Piastowskie Zakłady Przemysłu Gumowego STOMIL Piastów – a company with more than eighty years of experience in making rubber compounds and products.


Our offer includes:

• rubber-metal products and rubber products (gaskets, bumpers, springs, clutch, bolts, rings, fender rails);

• black and coloured rubber compounds;

• porous rubber mats;

• ebonite battery housings;

• phosphate coating of metals and application of adhesive coatings on metals;

• regeneration of axle box guides, Alsthom clutches, hydraulic springs, tying apparatuses and tie devices.




We specialize in manufacturing rubber products and rubber-metal products such as spare parts for locomotives, rail cars, tramways and metro trains. We work with Polish, American and French railways. Our products are manufactured based on our own rubber compounds.


The eighty years of experience, design and technical resources, adequately equipped laboratories and tool-making shop enable us to professionally design and make new products according to the customer’s technical specifications. 

The high quality of our products is confirmed, for instance, by: ISO 9001:2009 certificate; certificate of approval for a product manufacturer and service provider issued by PKP CARGO SA; certificates of conformity issued by Przewozy Regionalne Sp. z o.o. and by PKP INTERCITY SA; and positive opinions of our domestic and international customers.


The primary goal of our company is delivering high quality products to our customers in compliance with European and American standards.


We wish our brand was associated with a high technical level of the products, timely deliveries and attractive prices.



We look forward to working together with you.

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