POLMOR Sp. z o.o.

77-100 Bytów

ul. Lęborska 24

tel. +48 59 822 30 84-87

fax +48 59 822 30 88

e-mail: info@polmor.pl




POLMOR is a manufacturing company with a history of more than 50 years. The achievements of the company and the economic transformations in Poland occurring after 1989 had an impact on the change in the structure and legal status of the enterprise. At present POLMOR is a private company with branches in Poland (Bytów) and India (Hyderabad).


POLMOR manufactures carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium structures and subassemblies for railway industry as well as machines for processing industry.


It also specialises in manufacturing highly complex products by means of cutting, bending, fitting and other special processes such as: welding (certificate of conformity according to DIN 15085-2 and DIN 3834-2), painting (wet, powder) and bonding (certificate of conformity according to DIN 6701-2).



Currently POLMOR employs ca. 400 people in Poland and 70 in India. They are very knowledgeable resources capable of implementing and using new technologies, materials and work methods.

The plant has a modern, well-organised park of machinery and its employees are high-skilled specialists capable of meeting the requirements of the present-day market.


The company aims to satisfy customers’ expectations and meet them halfway as well as to continuously improve its customer relations.

In 2009 it was awarded an IRIS Management System certificate.


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