ul. Piaskowa 7, 47-400 Racibórz

tel. +48 32 710 03 72

fax +48 32 710 03 70



MAVEX-REKORD KFT. Sp. z o.o. BRANCH IN POLAND was established in 2005 by a Hungarian company MAVEX-REKORD KFT. It has continued the technical tradition of the railway works in Racibórz and its underlying resources comprise a team of skilled engineers, technicians and workshop workers with many years' experience acquired at PKP KZMiSD “Racibórz” works, KOLZAM S.A. and REMKOL Sp. z o.o.




The core activities of MAVEX-REKORD include:

• production and modernisation of auxiliary and special-purpose rail vehicles, lightweight shunting locomotives, minibuses and rail buses, including: installation of modern solutions for diesel-hydrostatic and hydro-mechanical drive systems, assembly of

complete railway traffic safety systems, heating equipment, air-conditioning units and measurement systems;

• periodic repairs (inspection and general overhauls), emergency and replacement (post-accident) repairs of rail vehicles;

• production, modernisation and repair of machines and equipment for technical backup facilities for railway industry, including lifting equipment subject to acceptance by Transportation Technical Supervision;

• production and regeneration of parts and subassemblies of vehicles, machines and equipment.


All repairs are carried out in compliance with the requirements of operation and maintenance manuals, maintenance system and railway manuals. Refurbishment and modernisation works based on state-of-the-art technology enhance operating comfort and safety, increase the useful life and improve the reliability of equipment.


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