ASCO RAIL Sp. z o.o.

44-120 Pyskowice, ul. Wielowiejska 53
tel. +48 32 332 70 03, fax +48 32 233 21 34



Since the beginning of its activity in 1991 the ASCO RAIL company is related to the railway industry, especially the issues related to the exploitation and repair of rail vehicles.



The company main area of activity are:

            I.          Rolling stock repair and maintenance:

                        •           revisions on levels P1, P2, P3 and repairs on levels P4, P5 of rail vehicles (diesel locomotives, motor trolleys, special vehicles)

                        •           diagnostics of rail vehicles, especially tests and adjustment of generator subassemblies of diesel locomotives on diagnosis stand with the application of water dimmer

                        •           rail vehicles servicing

                        •           repair and maintenance of subassemblies with measurements and tests on a special stands.

            II.         Manufacturing, suppling, servicing and training of users of control-measuring instruments and devices for technical support of revision, repair and maintenance process of rail vehicles and their subassemblies, including:

                        •           control-measuring stands

                        •           sets of instruments for measuring the wear of rail parts and subassemblies

                        •           instruments for measuring track, rails and switches

                        •           induction heating units for assembly and dismantling elements and components of rail vehicles

                        •           other devices, constructions, designed and manufactured according to customer needs.

            III.        Development of technical and technological documentation as well as organizational projects:

                        •           technical documentation on operating rail vehicles

                        •           technical documentation of branch railway.

            IV.        Training to individuals and employees of the railway branch.

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