Kuca Spółka z o.o.

73-110 Stargard

ul. Pierwszej Brygady 35

tel. +48 91 834 70 41

e-mail: stargard@kuca.com.pl





KUCA Ltd. is among leading manufacturers of catenary fittings in the Polish railway market. Introduction of innovative solutions in order to meet growing expectations of our clients has been our priority for many years. As a consequence, we have created catenary fittings for high-speed railways based on a CuNi2Si alloy which, thanks to modern technology of continuous casting, ensures high performance parameters. We completed works on the contact wire consumption meter (djp) and presently we are designing a new type of tramway catenary fittings.




We provide comprehensive construction services – ranging from dismantling of the old catenary through erection and reinforcement of the supporting constructions made from materials manufactured in our company, mounting of the new catenary as well as repairs and maintenance of railway surface. We undertake repairs of various engineering railway structures, construction and repairs of tracks, replacement of sleepers, rails, turnouts and also the replacement of

sleepers, junctions and approaches, weed-control and brush-cutting on railroads and tree loping and shrub control services.



The company is a manufacturer and service provider of low-loading semi-trailers and provides a wide range of specialist metal services. We have at our disposal wide range of machinery, e.g. die forging presses and a copper alloy foundry. We also provide traditional hotriveting services.



Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Our expertise enables us to confidently set up and implement new goals to satisfy the entire KUCA team and our contractors. Challenges we face stimulate the development of the company, thus improving the quality of the products offered and services provided in Poland as well as in the EU.



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