Książbud Sp. z o.o.

Gierczyce 209, 32-744 Łapczyca
tel. 608 430 351, 608 124 581



Książbud Sp. z o.o. is a construction services company specialising in construction and repairs of engineering, railway and road structures. It invests in human and equipment resources in order to be able to compete in the difficult construction market. It has operated since 2007, continuously expanding its offer. It has extensive experience in construction of engineering structures, i.e.:

• bridges

• viaducts

• footbridges

• culverts

• underground crossings

• reinforced soil retaining walls, e.g. Freyssissol, Drotest

• steel sheet pile walls

• temporary relief structures.



Currently, the company’s activities focus on construction works related to road and railway infrastructure. The range of Książbud’s services also includes comprehensive works within the perimeter of the tracks — construction of embankments, deep seated drainage, reinforcement of ditches, track trenching, platform dismantling, assembly of turnouts and track surface.



We are a company that is not afraid of serious challenges. We can work on many fronts.


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