KZN „Bieżanów” Sp. z o.o. – Grupa KZN Bieżanów
30-740 Kraków

ul. Półłanki 25
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Kolejowe Zakłady Nawierzchniowe „Bieżanów” is a leader on the Polish and European market of track structure manufacturers. For years we have supplied turnouts and tracks for use on standard railway lines and industrial sidetracks (mines, ports, steelworks) as well as products dedicated to high speed railways. Our track solutions can be also seen in European cities with a system of tramways, metro, or light agglomeration railways.



KZN “Bieżanów” has a unique capital comprising seven decades of operation in the track structure sector. Over that time we have been building Polish railway industry together and have been accumulating: the potential of dedicated and educated human resources based on technical knowledge and actual experience in cooperation with administrators of rail systems, manufacturing technologies based on best available state-of-the-art machinery and tools, capital necessary for undertaking performance challenges and driving the development of absolutely innovative solutions.


All our products come with necessary certification providing a guarantee of quality and safety. Our Business Management system is based on ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS 02 (International Railway Industry Standard).


The business objective of KZN “Bieżanów” is complete service of the process of investment and use of track structure – from design and advice, production, sales and distribution, complete logistics service, to assembly, construction and service maintenance of railway track. To this end the company forms KZN Bieżanów Group in which it is capital and technology leader. Providing advanced knowledge, experience and capital, the Company drives and manages the organisation creating a range of strong and active entities that have been increasing their presence in the domestic and foreign market. At present, the Group consists of seven companies with flexible market offers supplementing the supplies of turnouts with other products (switch sleepers, rails, connectors, loose material, steel bridges, solutions for high speed railways) and services (technical advice, advanced supply logistics, sidetrack management, incorporation of the products in tracks, service, maintenance).



The underlying element of the business strategy of KZN “Bieżanów” is development through innovation. Our Research and Development Division operates based on the concept of network cooperation with scientists representing academic or specialist scientific research centres but also with commercial entities supplying specific technical solutions.


The active cooperation model resulted in the emergence of innovative technical solutions matching the latest track structure standards, including those dedicated to high speed railways. The proof of our innovativeness is turnouts for velocities of 250 km/h with swing nose frogs, manganese insert crossings for velocities up to 200km/h, structures with bainitic steel (self-designed innovative technology) and manganese frogs, or a wide range of modern turnout accessories (locks, point stabilizers, switch sleepers with narrow lock, switch blade rollers etc.).



In 2015 KZN “Bieżanów” produced, patented and presented a globally innovative technology of production and installation of high quality railway turnouts with the logistic system for transporting turnouts (SWITCHER) as the key element. The innovation is based on a comprehensive approach to transportation, loading and unloading of key elements of the track structure underlying railway traffic safety. The system guarantees superior initial quality of turnouts. In terms of the present technologies the turnout installation time was significantly reduced by eliminating the processes of disassembly at the manufacturer’s site and its re-assembly on the construction site.


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