Kolejowe Zakłady Automatyki

Katowice S.A.

40-696 Katowice

ul. Asnyka 32

tel./fax +48 32 202 17 45

tel. kol +48 32 710 24 67

e-mail: firma@kzakatowicesa.pl





The joint stock company Kolejowe Zakłady Automatyki Katowice Spółka Akcyjna was established in 1995 after successive transformations of state-owned enterprises. The company’s activities are based on its rich tradition and experience dating back to 1924.

We provide comprehensive services such as design, construction and modernisation of facilities throughout Poland, including:

  • high-tech computer systems and equipment for railway traffic control;
  • relay-based railway traffic control units,
  • crossing signals cat. A and B & C (SSP);
  • telecommunications equipment, cable lines and fibre optic networks;
  • closed-circuit television systems (TVU), Passenger Information System;
  • power equipment and power lines, transformer stations;
  • units for electric heating of turnouts (EOR).

All the works are performed based on the quality management system related to design, construction and repairs of railway traffic control, communications and electrical power engineering equipment (EN ISO 9001:2008) implemented in the company.




Recently we have carried out the following investments:

  • development of Fast Urban Railway in Tricity – integration of computer equipment for traffic control;
  • refurbishment and modernisation of the railway connection with the Arena stadium in Gdańsk;
  • modernisation of railway line no. 8 – construction of a connecting line to the Okęcie airport (OP IE 7.1 – 18);
  • refurbishment and modernisation of railway lines Olsztyn-Szczytno-Szymany (railway connection between the airport in Szymany and the city of Olsztyn);
  • improvement of safety and liquidation of operating risks on railway crossings – stage I and II (OP IE 7.1-80);
  • construction of the second line of the Warsaw metro from the station Rondo Daszyńskiego to the station Dworzec Wileński;
  • modernisation of railway lines no. 133, 160, 186 on the section Zawiercie-Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice-Jaworzno Szczakowa (OP IE 7.1–69).


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