KOLEN R. Jaworski i Wspólnicy
Spółka jawna
05-091 Ząbki, ul. Bratnia 8a
tel. +48 22 762 84 44
tel. kom. +48 502 52 90 15
e-mail: info@kolen.pl





KOLEN is a company established in 1992 by experts in supply systems for direct current traction and power electronics.

The company was founded to develop and manufacture units and equipment that were deficient in the market and at the same time necessary to ensure the correct operation of the electric traction supply.


• The core products of the company are units of the earth-fault protection system in direct current traction circuits. The system ensures breaking earthfault current, shock protection and reducing stray currents in the vicinity of DC traction. The basic components of the system are TZD voltage limiting devices, designed and manufactured by the company.


• To ensure the correct operation of the system, special testers for its component units and equipment were developed and made.


• A unique solution is a pulse meter for measuring the resistance of simple and complex earth electrodes, using railway or tramway tracks as a current probe of known earthing resistance. High-current pulses up to 100 A, and digital analysis, eliminate the effect of disturbances and inductance of the tested circuits.


• The company also developed and produces a portable tester for diagnostic measurements of DC high-speed breakers within a range up to 6000 A. The source of test current is a battery of ultracapacitors supplied from a single-phase 230 V network.


• The company’s products have been designed based on its own patented inventions.






KOLEN provides technical advice in the area of earth-fault protection and issues related to reducing stray currents.


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