JAKS Mroczek Spółka Jawna

70-672 Szczecin

ul. Mostnika 2

tel./fax (+48 91) 462 41 28, 462 39 36

471 45 54,

tel. kol. (991) 471 45 54

e-mail: jaks@jaks.pl



The general partnership JAKS Mroczek Spółka Jawna based in Szczecin was established in 1986. Initially, the company worked on electrical engineering systems (up to 20 kV) and telecommunications systems. As the company developed and acquired more experience and subsequent licences, the scope of its activity has been extended by railway modernisation works.

From small jobs we quickly moved to nation-wide projects.Currently we specialise in implementing high-tech automatic control solutions for railway industry to enhance this mode of transport, improve security and have influence on railway performance. We act as contractors, consortium partners and subcontractors providing complete scopes of works related to automatic control, power engineering and telecommunications technology for railway applications.




Our main construction and design tasks include:

•    construction of railway traffic control equipment
•    construction of railway crossing security systems (cat. “A”) and automatic crossing signals (cat. “B” and “C”)
•    construction of video monitoring systems (including railway monitoring)
•    construction of traffic control communications systems
•    telecommunications works to the extent of lines, systems, trackside and station equipment
•    construction of overhead and cable power lines up to 20 kV
•    lighting systems for railway platforms, crossings, railway and industrial areas, navigation lights for bridges, street and              housing estates lighting
•    electric power measurement up to 20 kV
•    installation of electrical systems and equipment (including LV substations, lighting and industrial automatic control systems),      installation of river information systems (RIS)

•    construction of transformer stations.



We own workshop and office facilities covering an area of approx. 4000 m² and have mechanical and electrical equipment at our disposal, which enables us to handle the ordered tasks efficiently, on time and in a comprehensive manner.

Our team is composed of experienced employees authorised and licensed to: independently perform works on active railway traffic control equipment and maintain such equipment, manage works related to civil engineering structures designed for ensuring railway traffic security, railway communications equipment and electrical networks and equipment, and employees holding electrical engineering and welding licences. Documentation is developed by designers having relevant full-scope automatic control and electrical design licences for railway structures. We carry out most works using our own technical facilities and human resources.




The largest and most important projects we took part in comprise:

•    modernisation of railway line number 357 Sulechów—Luboń, section Wolsztyn—Luboń
•    modernisation of railway lines no. 271, 273, 401, 406, 409, including reconstruction of railway traffic control units
•    modernisation of railway line number 273 Głogów—Zielona Góra—Rzepin—Dolna Odra
•    modernisation of remote traffic control equipment for line 403 Piła—Ulikowo, section Kalisz Pomorski—Ulikowo
•    liquidation of the traffic control post at the station in Chociwel and Rąbino, including reconstruction of railway traffic control equipment
•    replacement of electric point machines EEA-4 and JEA-29 with new generation units within the operating area of the Railway Track Development and Construction Unit in Opole and in Szczecin
•    modernisation of regional railway line no. 402 Goleniów—Kołobrzeg, including the construction of a connecting line to Szczecin Goleniów airport
•    comprehensive reconstruction of crossing equipment in the territory PLK Szczecin and PLK Gdynia under the task “Improvement of safety and liquidation of operating risks on railway crossings”.


Both works related to railway automatic control, telecommunications and electrical engineering works we perform for various investors have been accepted and approved by the railway services of PKP PLK, such as: Investment Project Centres and the Railway Track Development and Construction Unit.



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