44-251 Rybnik, ul. Kłokocińska 51 

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Infra SILESIA S.A. is a company from the DB Group whose 100% shareholder is DB Cargo Polska S.A. The cumulative potential of the companies makes it possible to accomplish the most difficult tasks in the area of railway construction.


The core business areas of the Company include:

• comprehensive and effective performance of investment tasks, modernisations and repairs of railway infrastructure

• making railway lines and sidetracks managed by Infra Silesia S.A. available to railway carriers.


In addition, for many years the company has provided comprehensive maintenance services for the railway infrastructure of industrial sidetracks and logistics centres, including:

• uptodate maintenance and diagnostics of track surface

• uptodate maintenance and diagnostics of CCS devices

• maintenance and service of wire communications and train radio-communications equipment with particular focus on the operation of RADIO-STOP system

• maintenance of engineering structures

• maintenance of tracks and turnouts in winter.


The knowledge and long-term experience of the company’s employees, their skills and considerable equipment potential (such as own track and turnout tamping machines, two-track excavators, trolleys, ballast distributing machines, cleaning machine) are the strengths of Infra SILESIA S.A. The Company relies on professionalism, openness and mutual trust. Customer satisfaction is its main priority — a clear sign of quality for employees and the management.



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