Grupa ZUE

ul. K. Czapińskiego 3

30-048 Kraków

tel. +48 12 266 39 39

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ZUE Group, as an entity associating building contractors with long-term experience, is one of the key enterprises in the railway transport infrastructure industry and a leader in the nationwide public transport infrastructure industry. It is also active in the area of power engineering infrastructure and design works throughout Poland.


Currently, following an intragroup consolidation, our tasks are fulfilled by the following companies: ZUE S.A. (formed from a combination of ZUE S.A. and Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Komunikacyjnych w Krakowie S.A.) – rendering comprehensive railway, civil engineering, transport and power engineering construction services; BPK Poznań Sp. z o.o. (a combination of Biuro Inżynieryjnych Usług Projektowych Sp. z o.o. and Biuro Projektów Komunikacyjnych in Poznań and in Gdańsk) – designing tracks, railway stations, traction and power networks; and Railway Technology International Sp. z o.o. – finding customers and completing projects in the international market.


Installation of traction network on the E-30 railway line

The underground railway station Warszawa Okęcie



Specialist activities of the ZUE Group in the sector of investments related to design, construction and modernisation of infrastructure comprise comprehensive services in the following areas:

• track systems – railway lines and stations;

• track systems – tramway lines and depots;

• civil engineering structures including equipment;

• railway and tramway traction networks and substations;

• HV and MV transmission and cable power lines;

• transformer stations;

• telecom and IT systems;

• rail vehicle monitoring and control systems;

• street lighting, road and railway traffic lights and signalling;

• comprehensive road and street repair works;

• on-going maintenance of city infrastructure.


ZUE Group, adapting its activities to the needs of the market, carries out investments throughout Poland making use of specialist equipment and professional human, technical and financial resources which facilitate the performance of even the most complex investment tasks.


We are well prepared for future challenges. The best proof of our reliability and high standard of services is the portfolio of projects already completed and references from our customers. In addition, our biggest advantage is high-skilled managerial staff and engineering and technical personnel with whom we have successfully completed numerous investments.


Having the ZUE Group as your business partner, you can be sure that your order will be completed in a reliable and timely manner.


We look forward to working together with you.


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