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Frauscher Sensor Technology is a global leader for inductive wheel sensors, wheel detection systems and axle counters. Founded in 1987, the Austrianbased company currently employs more than 240 people worldwide.

Frauscher´s portfolio includes the development, planning and production of innovative, highly available and fail-safe signaling components for a wide range of railway applications. Customer service includes individual planning and project management, assistance during installation and implementation, and extensive after sales service. A comprehensive training programme
ensures that operators are able to install the systems independently, operate them on a long-term basis, maintain them and even configure them where necessary. This guarantees maximum independence and minimal life cycle costs. Main customers of Frauscher are signaling companies, system integrators, and railway operators all over the world.



Since the incorporation of Frauscher Polska Sp. z o.o. in 1998, the company provided its solutions for the needs of various projects in Poland


One of the major projects was the modernisation of the CMK trunk line where the existing track circuit technology was replaced by a modern axle counter. One of the goals of the project was to considerably improve service outlays, maintenance and resistance to external impacts, simultaneously continuing to use the existing cable systems. Therefore, Frauscher’s Axle Counting System ACS2000 was chosen and connected with the existing block system. Operational experience has shown that extreme weather no longer causes problems and that availability has significantly improved.


Frauscher is also perceived as a valuable development partner. Together with Sig-Mont it was able to find a solution for the integration of the ACS2000 into the CBL2010 block system. Today a large proportion of railway throughout Poland uses this tried and tested axle counter.


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