68-100 Żagań

ul. Lotników Alianckich 13

Filia:42-530 Dabrowa Górnicza

ul. Rudna 28

tel./fax 32 264 21 03





ECO-BAZA – The Company’s success is determined by people.



ECO-BAZA Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Stanisław Łukasiewicz is a company founded in 1999 in Żagań, dealing with the construction and modernisation of railway infrastructure. We provide services associated with railway engineering such as maintenance and reconstruction of tracks, including railway station and route tracks, turnouts, sidetracks, as well as tensioning, thermite welding and emergency removal of mining damages. In addition, we carry out replacement of wooden and concrete sleepers, switch sleepers, short and long rails and removal of tracks.


We always see quality and the deadlines as our priority. Therefore, in the railway market we are recognised as a well-organised, reliable and – most importantly – trustworthy company, which is testified by numerous credentials.



Employing about 250 people and having specialist high-tech equipment at our disposal we can carry out several contracts at the same time. We modernise both tracks on the routes and railway station tracks including turnouts. We specialise, for instance, in comprehensive heavy-duty track work machinery services (track replacement trains, cleaning and tampering machines). ECO-BAZA employs a team of employees specially trained in the operation of automatic MFW radio warning and track machine systems (Zöllner). 


An important moment in the operation of our company was the assembly of a turnout with a radius of 2500 m at the station in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, under the contract “Modernisation of the railway line Warsaw-Łódź, Stage II, Lot A – section Warszawa Zachodnia-Skierniewice”. It must be emphasised that this is a prototype structure and we have been the first and so far the only company to assemble such turnouts in Poland.


The continuously enhanced market position of our company is reflected in the fact that we work with the top leaders in railway industry such as: ZUE Kraków, Swietelsky Rail, PORR Polska, PPMT Gdańsk, DOM Poznań, SALCEF Polska, SKANSKA Polska, OHL Polska, TRANSKOL Kielce, LHS Zamość or PNUiK Kraków.


Considering the current condition of the infrastructure in Upper Silesia and the planned domestic investments to be completed by 2020, we believe that we are at the right place and time to make a significant contribution to the development of Polish railway industry, and at the same time to secure a strong and stable position for our company in the railway market.


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