Colas Rail Polska Sp. z o.o.

80-103 Gdańsk

ul. Kartuska 5

tel./fax +48 58 308 94 44




Colas Rail Polska Sp. z o.o. is a part of Colas Group — the world leader in logistics and engineering projects related to road construction and maintenance as well as transport infrastructure (railway, air transport, and city transport). 

Colas Rail specializes strictly in railway infrastructure. Thanks to long-term experience of our shareholders, as well as our financial, engineering and managerial background, we can boast our comprehensive performance of railway projects such as: 
• construction of railway infrastructure

• electrification of networks

• modernisation of existing railway lines and tracks

• freight transport

• transformer stations and substations

• rolling stock repair workshops. 



Colas Rail Group owns the largest state-of-the-art fleet of machinery for track works in Europe. It also has a huge human resources potential so it is able to complete its assignments safely, on time and within the budget. 



Colas Rail has been present in Poland since 2013 performing works in the area of construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, continuously increasing the park of high-performance track machinery. 


We have recently added railway transport to the range of our activities and put aggregate transport trains into service in 2016. 


Our professional approach and reliability of services should earn us a well-established position in the developing railway market in Poland.




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