ArcelorMittal Poland S.A.

41-308 Dąbrowa Górnicza,

al. J. Piłsudskiego 92

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ArcelorMittal is a leading rail manufacture company for high speed, metro, heavy haul, conventional lines and other applications, such as light rail and tram. Its quality has been recognised by customers around the world.


With 114 million tonnes of annual production capacity and 210,000 employees across 60 countries, ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. ArcelorMittal, as a rail producer, owns sites in, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Krowleska (Poland), Rodange (Luxemburg), Gijón (Spain), and Steelton (United States). The company has a wide portfolio of products covering rails for railways, subways, tram, light tracks, crossings, crane rails and other rail components.


ArcelorMittal is a specialist in high-speed rails. Today, with over one million tonnes produced, high-speed rails are present in the infrastructure of over 30 countries and their high technological quality allows participating in the more demanding tenders all over the world.


High speed requires the most developed rails due to service demand conditions. The material needed is only available in leading companies, as ArcelorMittal, equipped with the most modern resources, with cutting-edge research and technologists capable of designing the process that makes the dream possible of almost flying on rails.


The main requirements for high-speed rails are: safety, comfort, durability and cost, minimizing impact noise, service and environmental friendly.



ArcelorMittal rails meet all the technical requirements needed to participate in railways tenders in Europe, Africa, Asia and America thanks to their technical characteristics: fracture mechanics, chemical, mechanical and structural homogeneity; absence of surface and internal defects, wear, impact and fatigue resistance, low residual stresses and welding behaviour.




ArcelorMittal innovation in rails

ArcelorMittal is engaged in continuous improvement of its product range, through the development of new types of rails and welding techniques. Accordingly our capabilities were increased through:
•    installation of a new rail rolling mill at Dąbrowa Górnicza, making Dąbrowa one of only few sites in the world capable of producing rails 120m long; based on durability increase of rails, maintenance costs reduction and, on top, increasing security factor
•    investment in a CHHR (continuous head hardening of rail) production line at Gijón. Head-hardened rails can withstand increased wear from trains travelling faster, at greater frequencies and with heavier cargo.


Gijón and Dąbrowa have also undergone improvements in their inspection lines and other investments are ongoing. ArcelorMittal has a dedicated R&D rail unit based in Spain with prototyping facilities to develop new rail mill processes and products. In Spain, a new welding pilot plant was recently installed to develop and test new welding techniques, both for rail grades currently in use and for new grades under development. Rail welding is a critical process for ArcelorMittal’s customers, and the Group is capable of providing recommendations on the most suitable welding techniques in each and every case.




Other lines of research are: 
•    Process modeling and control (rolling, cooling & straightening)
•    Improved inspection systems (profile, flatness, surface and stamp inspections)
•    Industrialization support in head hardened products, development
of advanced new grades and microstructures with superior in-use properties
•    Advanced characterization of in-use properties and client solutions (wearing, rolling contact fatigue and welding pilot equipment). 


Sustainable and infinitely recyclable 
The widespread use of rail compared to other means of transport, contributes to environment preservation. A double track railway can transport, every hour, the same number of people than a six-lane highway, but with a significantly reduced environmental impact in terms of CO emissions.




Next time you travel by train, no matter the continent where you are, you may be doing it on rails manufactured by ArcelorMittal.

Enjoy your ride!


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