60-104 Poznań, ul. Hallera 2/4

tel. +48 61 661 82 55

fax +48 61 661 90 10




Our origins date back to October 2006 when a joint stock company ALUSTA S.A. was established. Since that time we have carried out comprehensive construction works. We specialise in modernisation, reconstruction and repairs of railway and tramway tracks and in the construction of buildings.


For eight years we have participated in the modernisations of the most important railway lines in Poland, including Pan-European transport corridors E20, E30 and E65. We also took part in the reconstruction of tramway tracks in the agglomerations of Łódź and Poznań, in the construction of housing and service complexes and public utility buildings.


The scope of works performed by ALUSTA S.A. consists of:

•    track works: railway and tramway tracks

•    works within the perimeter of the tracks: drainage, platforms

•    civil engineering works: bridges, culverts

•    noise barriers

•    roads and yards

•    construction of buildings.




We employ high-skilled technical staff authorised to manage construction works in the following areas: road, railways, construction and building, bridge, installations related to heating, ventilation, gas, water supply and sewage disposal networks, systems and equipment, with long-term experience in transport and general construction. The professionals we employ have extensive know-how but they also continuously upgrade their skills by participating in various courses and trainings.

We regularly work with high-skilled specialists representing other areas of construction industry. Thus, we are able to face out even the most advanced investment challenges and meet the high requirements of any investor.

We aim to make our works testify that we are reliable and professional. Therefore, we attach great importance to the quality of services we provide. We always use the best, verified equipment and high quality materials to complete our tasks.


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