Interview with Tomasz Rzeźnik and Krzysztof Mocek –

owners of Fabryka Urządzeń Kolejowych Sp. z o.o. in Kościan

and Grzegorz Klimaszyk – Technical Director

This year the company celebrates its twenty fifth anniversary in the Polish market. How has the Factory changed over the time?

Tomasz Rzeźnik (TR): Twenty five years of our work make us reflect upon the transformation from a small business into a large producer of fittings and support structures designed for catenary systems in Poland. In the meantime we have put many new products on the market using the latest production technologies. Of course we do not intend to rest on our laurels. Improved and innovative products are already waiting, let me use a metaphor, “in starting blocks”. 

Krzysztof Mocek (KM): For me it is important that the Factory holds the key approvals issued by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe. Thanks to this we can provide comprehensive supplies to leading manufacturers of railway and tramway infrastructure in Poland. It makes me proud. I wish to emphasize that thanks to continuing improvements we can cooperate with “design and build” contractors. 

Grzegorz Klimaszyk (GK): This year we are going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Factory It means that we respond to the market needs well and our business area is the right one. 

What was the purpose of introducing the IT production management system in the Factory?

(KM): Let me admit that we were hesitant about our decision to purchase and implement this system. But we do not regret it. What is particularly significant from my point of view is the on-line viewing option for people in charge of the production process. This way we can respond to customer expectations on an ongoing basis. 

(TR): It was significant that we could successfully improve the control of our products quality. This is testified by a wide range of approvals granted to the Factory by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe.
(GK): Well, I like innovations, new technologies, in particular in sailing which is my favourite sport. But let me admit that I was sceptical in that case. However, with time I noticed that the system did improve our work. The production time was reduced, we can respond faster to the needs of customers and the order processing times are shorter. Now, I think it was a positive change.


Can we say you have monopolised the electric catenary fittings and structures production market?

(KM): Definitely not. There is no need to do it. I am convinced that the Polish market has a lot of space for many producers. 
(TR): As a businessman I need to admit that we want to supply as many products as possible and gain an increasing market share. It is natural. However, I am not going to be a monopolist. Adrenaline and the thrill of emotion accompanying healthy, competitive efforts, is what I like. They also foster the implementation of improved and innovative solutions in our products and in the production process. 
(GK): I do not want to reveal any details but we plan to attract foreign business partners. We have already taken up some efforts. We are full of hope they will bring positive results.

The range of products made by the Factory comprises a few hundred items. It is really a lot. 
(KM): Indeed, quite a lot (smiles). We do our best to ensure full service to our customers in the area of support structures and catenary fittings. Therefore, the number of products we offer is high. And that’s all – quoting our technical director. 

Who are the Factory’s customers?

(TR): I can proudly say that they are the major railway and tramway catenary system contractors in Poland. Our customers are also companies dealing with running maintenance of infrastructure. As I have already mentioned, I hope we will be able to win export contracts. Time will show. Negotiations with representatives of foreign companies are pending. Perhaps in our next interview I will be able to tell you we have customers outside Poland. I hope so.


I know that the Factory established cooperation with scientific institutions. What can you tell us about this collaboration? 

(TR): The strict instructions of the railway infrastructure administrator in Poland have in a way forced us to cooperate with scientific institutes and universities. This collaboration makes it possible for us to maintain high quality of our products and meet Polish railway industry standards. 
(KM): Cooperation with the Poznań University of Technology in the area of research and development is particularly important for the Factory. And it is very satisfying. I am sure the benefits are mutual. We plan subsequent, shared projects concerning new and innovative products and production technologies.


The developing railway market sets new tasks for the Factory. What are the design and construction engineers working on now?

(GK): Our specialists have nearly completed their works on new and improved suspension systems for railway and tramway catenary systems. We also work on sets of support structures. I cannot tell you more. Our competitors are not asleep. 
(KM): Using the opportunity, we would like to thank our employees and associates. But for their efforts the Factory would not have been a success! As already mentioned, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary soon. We bravely look into the future.


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