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Quixi Media through publishing activities helps its Customers achieve competitive advantage in finding new customers, building loyalty, increasing brand awareness and strengthening it.


Our studies and publications are also used as tools for internal communication with employees and other internal groups within the company. Their main purposes comprise: information, motivation, integration, education and building corporate culture.


Recently a number of titles shaping the identity of Polish power and gas industry, waterworks, transport and road engineering or public transport have been published. The published albums are professional compendiums of knowledge illustrated with unique artwork.

Treasures of the Earth – water

Unique publication for unique company

The book "Treasures of the Earth – water" was prepared in cooperation with the Polish Waterworks Chamber of Commerce. It pictures the role of water in the lives of contemporary communities,discusses the water cycle in a very comprehensible manner, explains how water is used by man (power industry, transport, fishing, agriculture, sports, tourism etc.) and describes methods to obtain clean and healthy drinking water as well as wastewater treatment methods.The whole story is accessibly recounted and richly illustrated with artwork.

Polish Gas Industry

Past and present of the blue flame

"Polish Gas Industry" was an album published to the order of Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry.The book is split into three fundamental parts.The first discusses the already non-existent coal-gas industry, the second illustrates the origins and development of natural gas industry; and the third part describes organisational changes which occurred in the industry after 1989 and presents major players in the sector.The album has not only become a marketing tool for the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry but also for PGNiG SA – an oil and gas concern involved in its preparation.

Polish Road Industry

Unique publication for unique company

The album "Polish Road Industry" was prepared at the request of the Polish Chamber of Road Engineering under the auspices of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Polish Society of Bridge Engineers, with the support of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. Among notable authors there were: prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Biliszczuk of the Wrocław University of Technology, prof. mgr inż.Andrzej Jarominiak of the Rzeszów University of Technology, dr inż. Andrzej Niemierko and dr inż. Janusz Rymsza of the Road and Bridge Research Institute and prof. dr hab.Bolesław Orłowski of the Institute for the History of Science at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

TAURON Polska Energia

Unique publication for unique company

"TAURON Polska Energia" is a monograph of a leading energy concern in Poland. The album presents the history and contemporary activities of companies forming the capital group, structured as an energy value chain. It describes the areas ofcoal mining, generation, eco-energy, heat, distribution, supply and customer service. Everything is written in Polish and English with a huge number of excellent archive and contemporary photographs.The album is a highly recommended title!

Kozienice Power Plant 

Unique publication for unique company

Our editorial profile is perfectly aligned with another study – this time concerning the history of the construction and operation of the largest Polish hard coal fired power plant in Kozienice. The publication entitled "Kozienice Power Plant" presents the power station not only from a technical perspective, touching upon the aspects of its construction and operation, but also, or perhaps most importantly, it looks at the plant from the point of view of the people and society. Situating a huge industrial plant in a definitely farming area entailed fateful changes to the previously rustic lifestyle of the inhabitants of the Kozienice region.

From droshky to metro

Unique publication for unique company

The album "From droshky to metro" illustrates the history of public transport in the world and in Poland and describes former and present-day tramways, buses and trolleybuses.Respective chapters present the history and the contemporary status of metro in Poland. The album also tells the story of tickets and conductor uniforms.The whole is recounted in a comprehensible manner and illustrated with excellent photographs.

Polish Waterworks

Unique publication for unique company

"Polish Waterworks" presents the history of waterworks in the world and in Poland, from ancient times until present day.The reader will find out why medieval castles were fitted with latrine towers, what the function of ‘rurmus’ was and why in the Middle Ages baths were considered useless.This is the first book touching upon such a topic published in a sophisticated album format, so it became a hit among water companies and its publication was renewed making a total of 12 thousand copies.

Polish Electrical Power Engineering

Unique publication for unique company

"Polish Electrical Power Engineering" is a title prepared under the patronage of the Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environment Protection and Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE) – Operator. The publication brings up the origins of electrical power engineering in the world and in Poland, presents a brief story of a light bulb as the first electricity receiver, and discusses utility power engineering, renewable energy sources and nuclear power engineering. Its key authors are Jacek Szyke, PhD – a legend of power industry and Joanna Strzelec-Łobodzińska – the vice-minister of economy at that time. The album soon gained enormous popularity in the industry!

Utility Power Industry in Poland

Unique publication for unique company

"Utility Power Industry" in Poland is a continuation and elaboration on the Polish Electrical Power Engineering project. The book was completely rewritten to include topics that had not been covered previously such as: energy market in Poland and fuels in conventional power industry. In addition, the chapters: “RES”, “Nuclear power industry” and “Prospects for the development” were revised.

Clean City

Unique publication for unique company

The project "Clean City" was created in close cooperation with the Waste Management Companies Directors' National Forum of City Cleaning System, under the auspices of the Polish Chamber of Waste Management and the National Chamber of Waste Management. The album presents major challenges for the waste management industry. However, it does not only focus on municipal waste, waste segregation and incineration plants. It also discusses issues related to industrial, hazardous and medical waste. The publication was a hit during the 40th Anniversary Meeting of the Waste Management Companies Directors' National Forum of City Cleaning System.

The Golden Book of City Public Transport in Poland

Unique publication for unique company

Public transport is a significant factor determining the growth of highly urbanized societies. Despite this fact, it is somewhat neglected by politicians, decision makers, economists, teachers, and even by ecologists. Although Polish cities and towns are inhabited by 62% of the total population of the country, the role of public transport is notoriously undervalued and marginalized! Therefore, Quixi Media and the foundation Świat Wokół Nas decided to publish the "The Golden Book of City Public Transport in Poland".

District Heating In Poland

Unique publication for unique company

Just like thousands of years ago fire – generating heat – contributed to the development of humanity, nowadays modern and sustainable district heating marks the civilization progress of the society. With regard to such a particular rank of the industry, its history, memories, monuments of technology exemplifying the engineering thought and the current issues are worth propagating. Therefore, we prepared "District Heating In Poland" – the first publication of this kind in district heating industry.

Cooperative Banking In Poland

Unique publication for unique company

The world’s cooperative banking has a solid, well-established position both in the market and in public opinion, and cooperative banks are considered the most reliable financial institutions. Regrettably, Poles tend to associate cooperative activity with the by-gone political system (socialism – Polish People's Republic) and as such regard it a relic of the past. The publication “Cooperative Banking In Poland” – outlining the history of money and banks and the development of cooperative banking in Poland and Europe – makes an attempt at breaking the stereotypes.



Unique publication for unique company

“EKO CITY” is an occasional album presenting the structure and functions of the Waste Management Plant in Biała Podlaska, against the background of Polish and world history of managing what we are used to calling wastes. The City of Biała Podlaska and BWiK “WOD-KAN” Sp. z o.o. used money granted under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment to build a facility collecting and processing wastes from about 190 thousand inhabitants. The main objective of this investment, apart from at least a 60% reduction of waste disposed of to landfill sites, is producing biogas in the process of fermentation. Green wastes collected separately from other wastes are involved in the production of compost used as a fertilizer. Despite the topic not being very poetic, the album is exceptionally interesting and colourful.

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