General Terms and Conditions of Business

Basic technical parameters of the album:

  • Format: 235 x 290 mm
  • Language: bilingual – Polish and English
  • Projected date of publication: Q1 2018

Terms of payment:

  • 45% within 7 days from the date of signing the purchase order by virtue of advertising space reservation
  • The remaining 55% to be paid within 7 days from the publishing date after you receive the corresponding VAT invoice and the ordered copies of the publication.

The price is inclusive of:

  • Complete graphic design of the presentation according to adopted standards
  • Text editing based on information found on the customer’s website or in the submitted source materials
  • Photographs made by professional photographic agencies
  • Translation into English and Polish
  • Linguistic review and proofreading
  • Arrangements with the customer over telecommunications and IT channels
  • Desktop publishing
  • Printing the album containing the presentation
  • Delivering a sample copy to the customer as a proof of completed service
  • Note! The presentation will be accepted for printing only if the draft is approved by the customer in writing.

On-line presentation

Under the contract, in addition to the printed version, the customer’s presentation will also be published free of charge on the following vortals (industry-specific web portals): publishing content in Polish; and presenting content in English.

The document "General Terms and Conditions of Business" contains a detailed description of the terms and conditions related to order completion and a specification of the obligations of the parties. You are requested to read these terms and conditions since your purchase order will be interpreted by the Publisher as their acceptance. In addition, the file "Advertising – technical conditions" contains a set of professional instructions and guidelines for individuals or advertising agencies who will prepare your presentation independently.


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