Discover 11 reasons to publish your presentation in our album!

Unique target group

Selecting a unique, profiled target group having active influence on decisions concerning investments and responsible for the development of the specific industry, we enhance the effectiveness of your marketing message. In addition, the market position of your brand will be boosted as the publication will reach the so-called ”opinion leaders” – industry experts, decision makers, top level state officials, politics, journalists, scientists, local governments and business people.


Rich interior

The album is a very interesting publication – it contains numerous excellent photographs and presents unique industry-specific issues in a comprehensible and unconventional manner. Therefore, it will make a great medium for your advertisement.


Powerful message

We will multiply the power of your message by placing the advertisement in the adequate thematic context. At your request, at no additional cost, your advertising message can be supported by a specially written article.


Language versions

Thanks to Polish and English language version the message contained in the publication will have global reach. The album can be distributed among foreigners with no risk of losing its editorial strength.


Free distribution

The buying price is not a barrier to potential readers since the album will be distributed free of charge within a carefully selected target group.


Long-term impact

The impact of the advertisement published in the album will continue for years as the reader can refer to the book many times. In addition, in our culture books are not something you throw away!


Innovative form of advertising

Thanks to their uniform, transparent and comprehensible form, advertising presentations in the album are a natural supplement to the editorial part, providing an additional, reliable source of information.


Rara avis

The publication is prestigious with regard to its sophisticated form and the fact that it is not available for sale – it cannot be bought in any book store!



The album is an excellent non-committal gift, a souvenir for your guests, cooperating partners or customers – all thanks to the exceptionally aesthetic design of the publication, universal character of issues covered in the album and the bilingual Polish and English version.


Low costs of participation

The presentation in the album is not expensive – the price calculation is very attractive.


In good company

The participation in the project will reinforce the position of your business since it will be presented in a renowned company of leaders in the specific industry. Therefore, you will never hear a troublesome question: why is your company not mentioned among the best, largest and most dynamically developing businesses in the sector?

Discover 11 reasons to publish your presentation in our album!
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