Authors and consultants

Aleksander Drzewiecki

Aleksander Drzewiecki – of the Railway Transport Office Branch in Katowice, an employee of the Chair of Rail Transportation at the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice and a PhD of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw; graduated from the Faculty of Transport at the Silesian University of Technology; co-founder of the Scientific Circle “Advectus”; driver of traction vehicles; assistant driver of steam traction vehicles and rolling stock inspector. Railway enthusiast since a young age.As a little boy, every time he came close to a railway crossing he wished that the gate would be lowered and an approaching train would appear. During every journey he forced his companions to remain at world's different railway stations for long hours observing various rolling stock and, perhaps like any child, he dreamt of being able to take a ride in a train driver’s cabin.His childhood dreams came true when he chose a unique in Poland line of study – operation and maintenance of rail vehicles at the Faculty of Transport of the Silesian University of Technology.

Łukasz Malinowski 

Łukasz Malinowski – graduated from the Institute of International Relations at the University of Warsaw, Centre for European Regional and Local Studies at the University of Warsaw, and post-graduate studies in railway transport management at the Warsaw School of Economics.Since 2006 connected with the “TOR” Transport Consultants Group.Chief editor of the monthly Rynek Kolejowy.Specializes in freight and passenger railway transport market survey.

Jan Kołodziej

Jan Kołodziej – used to work for ZUT Zgoda, and PTKiGK holding where from an inspector he was gradually promoted to a position of a member of the management board of one of the companies; currently an employee of DB Schenker Rail Polska.Railway enthusiast and modeller.Feature writer for railway magazines Koleje Małe i Duże and Jaskółka Śląska.Interested in the history of Silesia, he shared his knowledge, among other books, in: Historia Kochłowic, Jesteśmy z żelaza – rzecz o Kłodnicy i Starej Kuźnicy, Śląskie opowieści – ks.Ludwik Tunkel and in guides to the city of Ruda Śląska.Author of many cardboard models of rolling stock.

Marek Graff

Marek Graff – chemist by education, railway enthusiast since childhood.Author of several dozen articles about rail transport published in railway magazines Świat kolei and Technika transportu szynowego.

Leszek Zakrzewski

Leszek Zakrzewski – graduated from the Kraków University of Technology from the faculty of rail vehicles.Works as a specialist mechanical designer.President of the Polish Historical Society, Branch in Nowy Sącz.Member of editorial committees in several magazines.In 1991-2001 a member of the Railway Modellers Club of Kraków.Author of 120 articles, brief biographies and studies.Published a monograph about the history of railway in Nowy Sącz (Kalendarium kolei w Nowym Sączu). Together with Ryszard Stankiewicz he was a co-author of a monograph about the history of railway line No. 96 Tarnów – Leluchów (Kryniczanka 1/2. Dzieje linii kolejowej nr 96 Tarnów – Leluchów), and the author of a monograph about the history of railway line No. 105 Muszyna - Krynica (Kryniczanka 2/2. Dzieje linii kolejowej nr 105 Muszyna – Krynica). He also wrote 18 articles concerning the history of railway industry in the region of Nowy Sącz.

prof. dr hab. czł. rzecz. PAN Bolesław Orłowski 

prof. dr hab. czł. rzecz. PAN Bolesław Orłowski (PhD, Professor, Fellow of the Polish Academy of Sciences), historian of technology, graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, since 1956 an academic staff member of the Institute for the History of Science at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since 1970 a member of the International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC); founding member of the Polish Society of History of Technology.Author of more than 30 books and hundreds of articles in magazines.

Hubert Bojarski

Hubert Bojarski - historian and museologist, author of many historical and biographical exhibitions. Co-author of the Museum of the Military Ordinate and the Museum of John Paul II and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Exhibition. Currently, an employee of Contemporary and Temporary Exhibitions Department in Railway Museum in Warsaw. Author of many articles on the history and ethnology (mainly industrial and urban), as well as biographical.

Tomasz K. Żurawski

Tomasz K. Żurawski - raised in the area of railway lines number 2, 7 and 13, currently residing in an apartment overlooking the railway lines number 8 and 95. The passion to railway inherited from his great-grandfather, railway man from Stanisławów. For 15 years, he is traversing Poland (on bicycle, train or with the bike on the train) with a camera looking for strange places. Special interest: chapels and roadside crosses, monuments, military, industrial and abandoned places. A lover of history's uniform and military in general, also collector and restorer of memorabilia. Professional trader, actor and screenwriter.

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