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Editorial work is in progress continually, and the base for this development is the model we present below. Material is not finished and "closed" which has a huge advantage: at this stage of preparation, it is possible to listen to your suggestions and comments, which will affect the final shape and content of the album.


For example, we are ready to complement your advertising message with specially designed article (free of charge), and visual material in common part of publication (free of charge).



Our publication uses a simple, friendly language, understandable to the average person. Is it because we like it or not, we live in a time of "image culture", which completely transformed the character of contemporary language, modeling its use and semantics. It also contributed to the shape of the information itself. It defined new boundary between customer expectations and understanding of the media. That is why we are keeping it interesting, simple and understandable.



During the preparation we gathered several thousand photos and selected only 350 that are in the book. They are exceptional, quaint and often previously unpublished. It took long hours of computer processing in order to improve archival content quality - sometimes up to 20 hours for one old photo. But the effects are amazing.

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