What do railway stations in Żyrardów, Koło, Pruszków, Gdynia, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Teresin, Lublin, Radziwiłłów and Aleksandrów Kujawski have in common? The answer is: the architect and engineer, Romuald Miller, who designed them. We might even talk about a certain brand which Miller worked for while working on those buildings.


After the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the Kingdom of Poland became the most westward province of Russia. At that time, Vienna grew to be the informal capital of Europe. The ability to reach it by train was a very tempting prospect. Therefore, in 1835 the construction of the Warsaw and Vienna Railroad was planned. Passengers used it to travel to Żyrardów as early as 1845.

The first railway station in Żyrardów was simply a small brick building, built according to Russian standards, without much imagination. Żyrardów was a small town, and the whole railway station seemed neglected.


During World War I, the station was destroyed by German bombs. This is why in sovereign Poland, in 1922, a new station was built on the site of the old one. As mentioned before, the designer was Romuald Miller, chief officer of the Building Department of the Warsaw Railway Board. The building was created in the style of a Polish country mansion, covered with red tiles, with Ionic columns and ornamental gables. Spacious interiors were heated by richly decorated tile furnaces. In the centre of the roof, a turret with a clock was placed.


In the 1930s a pedestrian subway was constructed, while over the platform a carport was built in the shape of birds' spread wings. In the last years, during successive repairs, the roof of the station has been covered, unfortunately, with metal plate, which is the only architectural shortcoming.


A general overhaul was completed in 2007. Quasi-Baroque gables with spheres which look like bubbles, a turret on the roof and arcades with round columns are a joy to the eye. The stuccowork has been restored, and old furnaces have been kept in the interiors. In an Internet rating Żyrardów station found itself in the select company of the 10 most beautiful stations in Poland.

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