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In 2017 edition of our special publication called "Polish Railways" we added new chapters, interviews and many unpublished before photographs.

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The 1990s in Poland were a very difficult time for the railway industry. A drastic reduction in the number of passengers and the weight of transported cargo, abandoning the purchase of rolling stock and limiting the expenditure on the maintenance of infrastructure led to gradual degradation of the railway industry. In addition, the structure of the Polish State Railways proved to be insufficiently adapted to the rules applicable in the free market economy. Changes occurred along with the accession of Poland to the European Union in 2004.

History of railways

A network of railway lines covering the continents made it possible for everyone, who could afford to buy a ticket, to quickly and comfortably reach destinations that had been previously accessible to adept wayfarers only.

Daring robberies

Hands up! It’s a robbery! These words are always electrifying and a sudden risk causes great stress. It is a different story when it happens in an open space where there is always at least a hypothetical possibility of escaping and getting help.

Remarkable routes

Almost everyone – whether they be a train enthusiast, or have read the famous novel by Agatha Christie or seen the film based on that story or are just simply curious – have heard about the Orient Express.


The invention of railway stirred extreme emotions from the very beginning — fascinating and astonishing to some people it scared others and roused their uncertainty. These various impressions have been reflected in the rich cultural heritage: architecture, literature, music, painting and film.

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